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I have managed to finish quite a few projects lately. My number of WIPS has not been decreasing very much as I keep finding new projects that I love.

This cowl and hat were both submitted for classes on HPKCHC. The cowl was made from 3 colours of bulky Aquarius yarn from Spotlight. The lime green hat was a really fun knit. The cabled band was knit first and then the rest of the hat was picked up off this. I have not knit a hat this way before but it works really well and makes a nice edge at the front.

I also finished a choc chip mint ice cream cup cosy (try say that three times fast). This was for Quidditch Match 1. I enjoy making cup cosies because they work up quick and you can get really creative. My coffee cup really needs one as well as it is thin plastic and will easily burn your hands without one.

After having some really cold days I decided that I needed something to help keep my feet warm.Β My toes and legs always seem to get cold and I crocheted some leg warmers to wear over my pants to add an extra layer of warmth, especially for when lecture rooms still have air conditioning on!

One of my current WIPS is a Yarn Quest Scarf.Β To knit this scarf you go on a RPG journey where you create a character and then read a story and roll dice to determine the elements that you knit into your scarf. This is my first big double knit project and I am really enjoying it. It was a bit tricky at the start but I am getting more used to it now. the concept is really fun and keeps the pattern more interesting and engaging. There is also a blanket and more scarves in the pattern book so you can continue the journey.


The double knitting allows the pattern to be on both sides without having to do any fancy colour work or stranding (yay no floats to deal with!).


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Building Blocks

My most recent Stephen West knit is his Building Blocks shawl. This was a mystery knit last year and I kept up with some of the clues as they came out by ultimately I fell behind because the rows were very long and as it progressed I realized that I did not enjoy knitting this Stephen West design as much as the others I had worked on. The design did not seem as creative or as unique as some of his other creations and I felt a bit disappointed by the outcome.


However, when I finally finished it (the small version because if the rows got any longer I don’t think I would have ever got it off the needles) I actually quite liked the way it looked. It is the right ratio of length to depth and it drapes very nicely when worn. Often the depth of shawls is too long compared to the amount of shawl able to be wrapped around the neck and shoulders, which results in a shawl that can’t be very easily worn, especially with jackets.


This shawl is great to wear and the colours go with quite a lot of my clothing. I don’t think I will be making another, simply because of how tedious it was to knit but I do really like the outcome.

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What’s on my Needles?

After finishing a few massive shawls I decided that I needed to cast-on something that had far shorter rows and could be finished quickly. I had a ball of Marvel Self-Striping yarn from spotlight that I had been wanting to knit up for a while and I decided that it would look just perfect as a tiny baby Flax sweater.


I cast-on for this on Monday night and I should be finished by this evening since there is only 3/4 of a (tiny) sleeve to go. I have never knit this pattern before but it is sized from newborn right up to 4XL so it would be a perfect pattern to knit a simple sweater for anyone. It has heaps of helpful tips for any new knitters too. The sleeves have a nice simple detail of a band of garter stitch which add a touch of interest.


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Weekly Faves

Here is a collection of some of my favourite knitting tools, patterns and projects from around the internet this week.

kniterate machine


This is an automatic knitting machine, a 3-D printer for knitted textiles. You plug in a digital design and this machine will knit it out for you. At $7499 it is definitely not an object that will become the norm for knitting but I love this advance of knitting into the tech age, and a new type of experimentation with knitted materials.


Ugly Yarn Bowl

These yarns bowls are amazing. So ugly yet so cute. I would love to have a collection of these, they could be like yarn vases for decoration as well as practical use πŸ™‚


SoxTherapists Mod Madness

The colours are perfect, the pattern is perfect, what more can be said about this pair of socks. I can’t wait to see them finished, I only wish they were mine.


Political Uterus

This has been getting a lot of love and a lot of hate on Ravelry this week. Who knew that people could get so fired up over a knitting project. I think it’s rather cute, it looks like its holding a set of pompoms and doing a cheer πŸ™‚



The Null Hypothesis Scarf

I have never done a lot of double knitting but this pattern is just calling my name. In the entire 6ft of it there are no repeating charts. It might be a project for when I have a lot of time to sit down and concentrate otherwise who knows what it could end up looking like. The projects on ravelry show so many amazing combinations of colours I don’t know how to choose what I would do.

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OWL Planning

Over on Ravelry there is a group known as the HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup). This group runs classes which are basically themed knitting prompts. The year is divided into terms (just like school) and there are different kinds of prompts/classes you can do to earn points for your house.

This coming term I am planning on completing an OWL. This is a project that requires 2-3 months of continuous crafting effort. My plan is to knit a sweater for myself. The pattern that I am going to use is Hearthstone by Ysolda Teague. I love this pattern because it is very simple but has beautiful details. Since I will likely have a few Uni commitments during the time that I’m planning on making this it should be a challenge but still hopefully achievable.


The wool I have to knit this in is a lovely dark jade green from Skeinz. It is their Southlander yarn which is a little scratchy but should be fine for wearing over a long sleeved top and could even soften up after a bit of wear.


I thought the combo was great and I would love to have a nice new hand-knit sweater to wear and layer with all my other knits. I’m having to stop myself from starting right now because term doesn’t start till next month. I’ll just have to try and satisfy myself by swatching and writing up my proposal for it instead. So stay tuned for swatching, blocking and measuring excitement in the near future πŸ™‚


The Month of WIPS

I have a terrible habit of starting way more knitting projects than I finish. I have an embarrassing number of WIPS sitting in various boxes, bags, and shelves around my house. I am not going to list them all here because it would take far too long and I might realize just how many I actually have eek!

As I have a 3 week semi-holiday from University I have decided that April will be the month of WIPS. I have managed to finish two, read that two!! whole projects in the past few days. The ends are yet to be sewn in but I’m saving that for tonight when me and Cam are sitting down watching a movie.

My first finished object (minus ends) is Stephen Wests Dotted Rays-Speckled Fade. I made this in a variety of baby wool from Spotlight and i am so super happy with how it turned out. The end rows were so much longer than I had anticipated and it turned out way bigger than planned but it will be a nice warm shawl for the upcoming winter.


The second project which just got bound off is another Stephen West pattern: Boardwalk. I made the small size and it is the perfect size to wrap around my shoulders.


The next WIP in my sight is another Stephen West pattern! It must look like I only knit his patterns but I swear I am more adventurous than that πŸ™‚ My Building Blocks Shawl is nearing completion but the rows are just getting so long and boring. it has not been one of my favorite knits so it will be good to get it off my needles. There is one more block to go before I am going to bind off so hopefully today will be the day I finish.


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So here goes..

Hello! This is my very first post on my brand spanking new blog πŸ™‚ I have always wanted to have a blog since about the age of 13 or 14 and I did try to start one a few times but my need for perfections got in the way. I always worry about it sounding weird or not looking right and so I hold myself back. But you can’t let silly insecurities get in the way of doing things that you really want to do, so here we go. You only get better at things by doing them, and to do that you just have to start!

I am hoping to use this as a place to document my knitting and crafting but also other aspects of my life such as tracking my goals and things that are important to me. I want to do so many things but before you know it 5 weeks have gone by and you haven’t done any of it. Having a place to write it all down, and show it to the world might help me to remember and actually achieve things that I want to.

I am not planning on having a regular schedule at the moment but that may change once I get more comfortable. I plan on checking in at least once a week, just to keep up to date with everything.