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So here goes..

Hello! This is my very first post on my brand spanking new blog 🙂 I have always wanted to have a blog since about the age of 13 or 14 and I did try to start one a few times but my need for perfections got in the way. I always worry about it sounding weird or not looking right and so I hold myself back. But you can’t let silly insecurities get in the way of doing things that you really want to do, so here we go. You only get better at things by doing them, and to do that you just have to start!

I am hoping to use this as a place to document my knitting and crafting but also other aspects of my life such as tracking my goals and things that are important to me. I want to do so many things but before you know it 5 weeks have gone by and you haven’t done any of it. Having a place to write it all down, and show it to the world might help me to remember and actually achieve things that I want to.

I am not planning on having a regular schedule at the moment but that may change once I get more comfortable. I plan on checking in at least once a week, just to keep up to date with everything.



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