The Month of WIPS

I have a terrible habit of starting way more knitting projects than I finish. I have an embarrassing number of WIPS sitting in various boxes, bags, and shelves around my house. I am not going to list them all here because it would take far too long and I might realize just how many I actually have eek!

As I have a 3 week semi-holiday from University I have decided that April will be the month of WIPS. I have managed to finish two, read that two!! whole projects in the past few days. The ends are yet to be sewn in but I’m saving that for tonight when me and Cam are sitting down watching a movie.

My first finished object (minus ends) is Stephen Wests Dotted Rays-Speckled Fade. I made this in a variety of baby wool from Spotlight and i am so super happy with how it turned out. The end rows were so much longer than I had anticipated and it turned out way bigger than planned but it will be a nice warm shawl for the upcoming winter.


The second project which just got bound off is another Stephen West pattern: Boardwalk. I made the small size and it is the perfect size to wrap around my shoulders.


The next WIP in my sight is another Stephen West pattern! It must look like I only knit his patterns but I swear I am more adventurous than that πŸ™‚ My Building Blocks Shawl is nearing completion but the rows are just getting so long and boring. it has not been one of my favorite knits so it will be good to get it off my needles. There is one more block to go before I am going to bind off so hopefully today will be the day I finish.



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