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Here is a collection of some of my favourite knitting tools, patterns and projects from around the internet this week.

kniterate machine


This is an automatic knitting machine, a 3-D printer for knitted textiles. You plug in a digital design and this machine will knit it out for you. At $7499 it is definitely not an object that will become the norm for knitting but I love this advance of knitting into the tech age, and a new type of experimentation with knitted materials.


Ugly Yarn Bowl

These yarns bowls are amazing. So ugly yet so cute. I would love to have a collection of these, they could be like yarn vases for decoration as well as practical use πŸ™‚


SoxTherapists Mod Madness

The colours are perfect, the pattern is perfect, what more can be said about this pair of socks. I can’t wait to see them finished, I only wish they were mine.


Political Uterus

This has been getting a lot of love and a lot of hate on Ravelry this week. Who knew that people could get so fired up over a knitting project. I think it’s rather cute, it looks like its holding a set of pompoms and doing a cheer πŸ™‚



The Null Hypothesis Scarf

I have never done a lot of double knitting but this pattern is just calling my name. In the entire 6ft of it there are no repeating charts. It might be a project for when I have a lot of time to sit down and concentrate otherwise who knows what it could end up looking like. The projects on ravelry show so many amazing combinations of colours I don’t know how to choose what I would do.

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