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Building Blocks

My most recent Stephen West knit is his Building Blocks shawl. This was a mystery knit last year and I kept up with some of the clues as they came out by ultimately I fell behind because the rows were very long and as it progressed I realized that I did not enjoy knitting this Stephen West design as much as the others I had worked on. The design did not seem as creative or as unique as some of his other creations and I felt a bit disappointed by the outcome.


However, when I finally finished it (the small version because if the rows got any longer I don’t think I would have ever got it off the needles) I actually quite liked the way it looked. It is the right ratio of length to depth and it drapes very nicely when worn. Often the depth of shawls is too long compared to the amount of shawl able to be wrapped around the neck and shoulders, which results in a shawl that can’t be very easily worn, especially with jackets.


This shawl is great to wear and the colours go with quite a lot of my clothing. I don’t think I will be making another, simply because of how tedious it was to knit but I do really like the outcome.


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