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Yarn Adventures

I have managed to finish quite a few projects lately. My number of WIPS has not been decreasing very much as I keep finding new projects that I love.

This cowl and hat were both submitted for classes on HPKCHC. The cowl was made from 3 colours of bulky Aquarius yarn from Spotlight. The lime green hat was a really fun knit. The cabled band was knit first and then the rest of the hat was picked up off this. I have not knit a hat this way before but it works really well and makes a nice edge at the front.

I also finished a choc chip mint ice cream cup cosy (try say that three times fast). This was for Quidditch Match 1. I enjoy making cup cosies because they work up quick and you can get really creative. My coffee cup really needs one as well as it is thin plastic and will easily burn your hands without one.

After having some really cold days I decided that I needed something to help keep my feet warm. My toes and legs always seem to get cold and I crocheted some leg warmers to wear over my pants to add an extra layer of warmth, especially for when lecture rooms still have air conditioning on!

One of my current WIPS is a Yarn Quest Scarf. To knit this scarf you go on a RPG journey where you create a character and then read a story and roll dice to determine the elements that you knit into your scarf. This is my first big double knit project and I am really enjoying it. It was a bit tricky at the start but I am getting more used to it now. the concept is really fun and keeps the pattern more interesting and engaging. There is also a blanket and more scarves in the pattern book so you can continue the journey.


The double knitting allows the pattern to be on both sides without having to do any fancy colour work or stranding (yay no floats to deal with!).